How Upgrading from R-22 Refrigerant Can Benefit Your Commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR

How Upgrading from R-22 Refrigerant Can Benefit Your Commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR

When the EPA announced that the phase-out of R-22 refrigerant would start in 2010, with completion scheduled for 2020, the time seemed relatively far away. That time has flown by, though, and with the deadline now only three years away, business owners whose commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR is still reliant on R-22 refrigerant will need to start evaluating their options.

The R-22 supply

The use of virgin R-22 refrigerant is now illegal, and the only R-22 that can still be purchased and used is the recovered and recycled refrigerant from retired units. In conjunction with the basic principles of supply and demand, with R-22 becoming more and more scarce, not only will it become harder to find, but the prices will stay high because of the limited supply. This means that business owners will either have to find a drop-in substitute for R-22, or consider moving on to an upgraded system altogether.

Total system replacement

While you may be able to use drop-in R-22 refrigerant replacements and alternatives for a time, the best long-term solution is replacing and updating your HVAC system. In addition to providing enough time to eradicate R-22 production and distribution, a part of the reason the EPA set the dates they did was to allow the many air conditioning units that were still using R-22 refrigerant at the time to age to the point of system replacement. This makes the overall transition not only better for the environment, but more economical for business owners as well.

A full system replacement would include replacing the indoor and outdoor units, all of the ductwork and the system’s wiring. While this might sound daunting initially, this solution will be providing you with the opportunity to install a new system with new equipment that allows you to benefit from improved energy efficiency. This also takes away any worry you might have about what types of refrigerants should be used and what you can and cannot do with your HVAC system, giving you as a business owner much needed peace of mind.

Unit replacement

If a total system replacement is not a financially feasible option for your company, you could alternatively consider replacing just the outdoor condenser and the indoor handling unit, and use the existing wiring and ductwork from your current system. This way, you will still be able to reap the benefits of upgraded energy efficiency, but you will be able to cut the installation costs of an entire system by using some of the major components that you already have.

The R-22 phase-out can certainly be confusing, but with the help of our team at American Refrigeration Inc., we can make sure that your business has what it needs for efficient and operation. We even offer remodels if you need to make changes to your commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR so that you are in compliance with EPA regulations. If you have questions about the phase-out or would like to learn more about the many services we can offer you, give us a call to set up an appointment today.