The Basics of Winery Chillers in Eugene, OR

The Basics of Winery Chillers in Eugene, OR

Wine is a beverage that’s been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years, and there are many different techniques that are used to produce different varieties of wine. Today, chilling is an essential part of the wine production and preservation process. Winery chillers in Eugene, OR are designed to ensure the consistency of wine batches, and it’s important to understand how this equipment works if you want to maximize the quality of the wine you produce.

Winery chiller basics

Winery chillers are designed to preserve the flavor of wine as it goes through the production process. By cooling wine to subzero temperatures without freezing the vessel, winery chillers in Eugene, OR keep the wine in the highest quality state while enabling precise temperature controls. To achieve this, winery chillers commonly use propylene glycol, a food-grade antifreeze, to cool the wine to the required temperature. Using propylene glycol offers a number of important benefits, including greater efficiency and extra lubrication for chiller pumps.

Selecting a winery chiller

If you want to invest in a winery chiller for your business, it’s important to take a few important factors into account:

  • Sizing: The size of your winery chiller is important when it comes to storage and production capacity. For most wineries, a two-ton air chiller should have sufficient capacity to meet all your needs, but you should take your specific needs into account before choosing a winery chiller. You can consult with a product specialist to help you determine which size and capacity would be best for your applications.
  • Piping: The piping you use is another important factor you should consider when you’re selecting a winery chiller. Copper and plastic are the two most common piping materials used for winery chillers in Eugene, OR. Copper is typically the more durable and longer lasting option, while plastic piping offers an inexpensive alternative that is designed to be low-maintenance and easy to install. Plastic is usually the more popular option for new wineries that want to minimize their startup costs.
  • Maintenance: One of the most important things you have to keep in mind when you invest in a winery chiller is the fact that they require ongoing maintenance to continue operating effectively. You should find a refrigeration specialist who can assist you with regular maintenance for your winery chiller. They will be able to keep your equipment running properly and address any repair issues as they arise. In addition, they can recommend new parts or products if your winery chiller starts to wear out or if you need to expand your capacity with an upgraded model.

Winery chillers in Eugene, OR

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