What Exactly Is a Glycol Chiller?

What Exactly Is a Glycol Chiller?

Glycol chillers are widely used throughout the restaurant, bar, brewery and winery industries. They’re popular because they can help maintain precise and consistent temperatures while offering good energy efficiency. Any food or beverage process that requires fermentation can benefit from a glycol chiller, including brewing and winemaking.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know about glycol chillers in Eugene, OR:

  • They use glycol as a coolant: Glycol is a chemical coolant that can transfer heat more efficiently than just about any other type on the market. Glycol chillers use either propylene glycol (best for food applications) or ethylene glycol, and the precise temperature can be adjusted by adding more water or glycol to the system. They typically use about a 60/40 mixture of glycol to water, which allows rapid cooling while staying in a liquid state.
  • They use heat exchangers to refrigerate: Glycol chillers move the water and glycol solution to a chiller, where it gets very cold, then distributes the coolant to freezers, refrigerators, prep tables and more. The cool liquid refrigerates the fixture and is cycled back into the chiller when it gets warm.
  • You can adjust the temperature: As mentioned in the first point above, your refrigeration technician can help you come up with the right glycol/water solution to achieve the temperatures you need. That makes them a good option when your beer, wine or other products require precise refrigeration.
  • They’re durable and reliable: Glycol chillers are reliable enough to last for decades when properly maintained and regularly serviced. As with all restaurant and beverage equipment, partnering with a trusted service provider to maintain and repair your glycol chiller is going to be the best approach.
  • Better than water chillers: Glycol is a popular coolant choice because of its extremely low freezing temperature, which allows it to stay in a fluid state at much lower temperatures. Water, on the other hand, freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which limits the temperature range they can achieve. Compare that to a 60 percent glycol solution, which will only freeze at -63 degrees Fahrenheit.

In short, glycol chillers are the superior choice for the food and alcohol industry. Their rapid cooling abilities, energy efficiency, reliability and huge range of temperatures makes them a better option than water chillers. When using a glycol chiller, you’ll be able to quickly cool down hot liquids and adjust everything to the precise conditions you need for great results. Wine and beer making generate a lot of heat, so having a durable and reliable chiller is essential.

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