Early Warning Signs of a Malfunctioning Walk-In Cooler

Early Warning Signs of a Malfunctioning Walk-In Cooler

Walk-in coolers help keep large amounts of products or food fresh for restaurants and groceries. That’s why you need to keep them running efficiently and properly at all times. At American Refrigeration Inc, we provide dependable heating and cooling services to customers in Eugene and Portland, OR. We can also handle any commercial HVAC repair, no matter your unit.

Learn the signs of a malfunctioning walk-in cooler to avoid losing money, time, and inventory. Here are some early warning signs of walk-in cooler trouble.

Door Damage and Wear

Inspect the door for any damage and wear on the seal if you suspect something is wrong with your unit. This problem can be costly to repair because air might leak out of the cooler and cause the unit to overheat. A walk-in-cooler experiences this problem, mainly when it’s continuously used in a fast-paced environment.

Odd Smells

A stale or strange smell usually accompanies coolant leaks. If you notice a smelly odor, your unit might be leaky, and its condensers are malfunctioning and old. So, ensure you call a refrigeration equipment services expert to fix the issue immediately.

Frost Buildup

Frost buildup indicates that temperatures in your unit are changing dramatically, causing it to melt and refreeze. It might also signal that the humidity levels are off and your unit faces excess condensation. If frost buildups near your door, this might signal that it isn’t sealed properly and might be leaking warm air in. Check the door gaskets for damage whenever you face this issue.

Water Leaks

Walk-in coolers typically have seals and insulation. If these are faulty and old, they can cause water leaks. This issue must be fixed immediately because water leaks might lead to mildew and mold growth in your unit.

Air Leaks

Air leaking from your unit signifies that it requires a professional repair. If your walk-in cooler leaks air, there are two possible causes, both of which need immediate attention:

  • The unit is experiencing rising temperatures
  • Your walk-in cooler is still maintaining temperatures but is being overworked. This might lead to costly breakdowns.

The Motor Constantly Runs

There is likely an issue if you can hear your unit’s motor running constantly. Of course, the motor might occasionally run to help maintain optimum temperatures, but your unit is faulty if it never turns off.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Walk-in coolers should maintain an optimal temperature to help function properly. At times, temperature fluctuations are caused by a faulty sensor. So, ensure its doors aren’t being propped open for long. This helps keep warm air out and ensures your unit doesn’t work harder than it should.

Strange Noises

If you hear off noises in your unit, this typically means there is a mechanical problem that needs immediate attention. Call your service technician to help find the root cause and recommend the next step in fixing the issue.

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