What’s Wrong with my Commercial Air Conditioning in Eugene, OR?

What’s Wrong with my Commercial Air Conditioning in Eugene, OR?

When faced with the prospect of an air conditioning system that’s not working properly or maybe not even at all, commercial building owners tend to panic and for good reason: if a system this large is malfunctioning, it’s not going to be easy nor cheap to fix most of the time. And, before a problem can even be fixed, the scope and the source of the issue need to be thoroughly determined. For this, the insight of a professional is almost invariably required.

Defining the problem

The question of, “what’s wrong with my commercial air conditioning in Eugene, OR?” is one that has innumerable answers. Until your system has a chance to be inspected and tested, any number of dozens of issues could be lurking to hinder its functionality, which is why the first step in a professional approach is always an inspection. From the smallest parts of AC units themselves, to the ventilation systems and electrical components that regulate them, an inspection will cover every segment of your commercial AC system to make sure that a problem can be narrowed down and remedied completely.

Once a problem area or symptoms have been defined, the question of what’s ailing your system becomes a bit clearer. If the problem is an electrical one versus a mechanical one, for example, the path to a sustainable solution becomes that much clearer and parameters can be defined as to devising an appropriate solution. An HVAC professional will then be able to route the problem down to its core, distinguishing symptoms from the initial problem.

Problem versus symptom

Distinguishing symptoms from the real issue is an important facet to understand when it comes to repairing commercial air conditioning in Eugene, OR because, like treating illnesses in the human body, treating the symptoms of a bigger problem does nothing to solve the creator of these problems. HVAC professionals know this all too well and will make sure that the true problem is identified based on symptoms and that you’re not left with the same problem lurking out of sight when they’re finished.

Sustainable solutions

When all is said and done, the answer to your questions should be presented to you in a straightforward way by your HVAC professional. If the problem is a blown fuse that’s preventing the thermostat from sensing the right air temperature, or the mechanical failure of your condenser that’s causing lackluster air production, you should know exactly what happened and why after an inspection by your HVAC partner. This is important because it gives you insight into the issue and provides a record of the repairs made to the system—something that will become important down the line.

The question of what’s wrong with your commercial air conditioning in Eugene, OR isn’t always answerable right off the bat and HVAC contractors will quickly more in for a closer inspection upon seeing certain symptoms. Remember to be patient, even when the situation is dire, and trust that the problem is being assessed to its fullest extent so that you can reap the benefits that come with a smart, sustainable solution.