How Commercial Walk in Coolers in Oregon Can Improve Your Winery

How Commercial Walk in Coolers in Oregon Can Improve Your Winery

Winery and vineyard owners understand how a delicate blend of flavors and aromas can provide the ultimate tasting experience. However, temperature also plays a critical part in wine’s flavor and composition. The slightest variance in temperature can change a wine’s acidity level and completely change its taste to drinkers. This is why each wine has its own distinct temperature at which it is best preserved.

If you own a winery or vineyard and are looking for the most efficient way to preserve your bottles, consider walk in coolers in Oregon. Walk in coolers have the ability to transform your winery by ensuring that each bottle is stored and served at precisely the right temperature.

Storing wine

Storing wine in a cool place is an essential part of maintaining its flavor. Wine can easily be damaged or spoil because of temperatures and humidity levels that are too high or too low. When storage temperatures are above those recommended, the wine can age rapidly, diluting its flavor and acidity. When wine is stored at a temperature that is too cold, it can become unbalanced in both taste and aroma.

Commercial walk in coolers regulate storage temperatures for your winery’s production, while also helping to control humidity levels. Excess moisture in the air can lead to mold and damaged wine. On the other hand, air that is too dry can lead to cracks in the bottles’ corks, which allow air to enter into and spoil the wine. Commercial coolers provide an ideal balance between the two extremes.

Serving wine

When white wine is served, customers experience three major sensations: sweetness, acidity and aroma. Your business’ white wine should be chilled because it creates a balance between these three factors. Without cooling the temperature of the wine, one of the elements—typically sweetness or aroma—may overpower the others.

The average serving temperature for white wine is between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the usual serving temperature for red wine ranges from 52 to 65 degrees. Some red wines can even be served one or two degrees below room temperature. Overall, the recommended serving temperature differs for each wine. Factors that determine the ideal serving temperature include the type and region of origin for grapes used.

Enjoying wine

Lastly, wine is created for the purpose of enjoyment! Storing and serving your wines at the correct temperature enables customers to taste your creations as they are truly meant to be experienced.

Typically, white wines are served as a refreshing beverage. By storing these wines inside commercial walk in coolers in Oregon, you raise the acidity level in the wine, thus enhancing the refreshing, thirst-quenching qualities of the beverage. Conversely, a warm white wine would have a reduced acidity level and would be much less refreshing. Chilling wine increases the different qualities of whites and reds, and creates a more diverse, enjoyable experience for the taster.

If you are searching for an easy way to regulate the temperature of your winery’s production, consult the skilled commercial heating, ventilation and cooling experts at American Refrigeration Inc today.