Are You Cut Out for a Refrigeration Technician Job?

Are You Cut Out for a Refrigeration Technician Job?

These days, finding gainful employment that you can turn into a longstanding career isn’t always as easy as it sounds—you’re either competing with others who have your same qualifications or there’s simply just a shortage of careers focused on your specialty. If you’re looking for work as a refrigeration technician, however, American Refrigeration Inc. is here to make things just a little bit easier for you!

American Refrigeration Inc. is currently seeking applicants for the position of refrigeration technician. We’re a growing company that has more than 20 years of quality service under our belts and the time has come for us to expand out team. We’re looking for someone who can help expand our reputation as a trusted provider of refrigeration services, while also bringing their own seasoned experience and tenure to the job.

What we’re looking for

We’re seeking a professional who has experience in the commercial refrigeration field and who has a dedicated familiarity to all of the tasks and duties that come with a traditional refrigeration technician job. You need to be able to perform basic maintenance tasks, have a mind for learning the complexities of more advance refrigeration services, and be able to provide exceptional work that you’re proud to stand behind. Upstanding customer service skills are also essential—we pride ourselves on the superior reputation we’ve built over the years.

More than just a professional with refrigeration experience, we’re looking for someone who will continue to invest themselves in on-the-job education. Our industry is an ever-evolving one and it takes someone with a dedication to their trade to keep up with it. If you’re interested in furthering your knowledge, we’re interested in helping you to do so!

About our company

American Refrigeration Inc. operates out of the Eugene, OR area and provides professional refrigeration services to businesses as far north as Portland, OR. Our tenants of business include prompt, professional services, superior customer service, unparalleled industry expertise and remaining cost-effective by industry standards.

Our company was founded in 1995 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted names in refrigeration for companies big and small. Not only do we provide the essential services that are a staple industry-wide, we also work to assume specialty jobs that make us a leader among out competitors. From maintenance, installation and remodeling, to major repairs and service for specialty components, we’re the gold standard in commercial refrigeration.

Join our team today!

If you’re enthusiastic about the prospect of a sustainable refrigeration technician job and want to work for a company that strives to redefine the industry standards of excellence on a daily basis, contact American Refrigeration Inc. today! We’re excited to hear from you and hope that you become the next member of our growing family.

Contact us today via the contact form on our website for more information on how to submit your resume or to set up an interview with one of our managing staff members!