Tips to Prevent Restaurant Refrigeration Repair in Eugene, OR

Tips to Prevent Restaurant Refrigeration Repair in Eugene, OR

To continue providing excellent service and delicious meals to your patrons, you must have properly working equipment. A key component of your equipment operations is refrigeration. What would happen if your commercial refrigerator stopped working? This could spell disaster. To avoid this stressful issue, make it a habit to get routine service for your refrigerator units. Regular maintenance will help you avoid restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR.

For proper commercial cooler maintenance, consider scheduling the following services on a regular basis:

Door maintenance

This is an area often overlooked by restaurant owners. Because the door has no electrical parts, they often assume it needs no maintenance. This is not true. The gaskets, hinges, and hardware greatly affect the operation of your cooler. If not sealed properly, faulty doors can cause leaks, spoilage and further damage to your unit. Checking these parts and replacing as needed will extend the life of the unit and protect you from further repairs.

Ice machine cleaning

You can’t judge your ice machine’s quality by its ice. The ice may look fine, but this doesn’t mean that the inside of the machine is functioning properly. If not cleaned regularly, mold can develop in the ice machine, which can create sick patrons. It’s important to schedule a routine service check to ensure a technician thoroughly inspects and cleans your ice machine with chemical sanitizers. This protects from mold growth and ensures your restaurant operations continue to run smoothly.

Maintain appropriate refrigerant levels

If your unit is leaking refrigerant, it may go unnoticed for some time. The temperature in your refrigerator can slowly rise, and before you know it, you have spoiled goods. Scheduling regular maintenance for your unit allows a technician to check its levels, recharge the refrigerant if needed and fix any leaks.

Condenser cleaning

The condenser and evaporator coils are what keep your refrigeration unit cool. They are essential components of your refrigerator. If these parts become clogged with dirt, the refrigerator must work harder to cool its contents. This, in turn, wastes energy and creates a shorter life-span for your unit. When you schedule regular maintenance, professionals use specialized cleaners and equipment to ensure all grease and dirt build-up are carefully removed without causing damage to the compressor or the motor.

Leak checks

Not only can leaks create water hazards outside the unit, they can cause food contamination inside the cooler. Leaks are a sign of improper functioning within the refrigerator and should be addressed as quickly as possible. If left unchecked, the problem will only grow and could mean the end of your unit. Regular maintenance will ensure leaks are caught early and any necessary repairs are made before the issue worsens.

Professional maintenance of your restaurant refrigeration units requires some investment, but will produce long-term savings of both your time and your money. By keeping your refrigerators clean, completing small repairs before they grow and having them inspected regularly for potential problems, you will avoid more costly and time-consuming repairs down the road. Contact American Refrigeration Inc. today to set up a schedule for your maintenance or restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR.