Make Sure Your Source for Commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR Is Versatile

Make Sure Your Source for Commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR Is Versatile

There are plenty of different important attributes to look for when hiring a service provider for commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR: certification, respectful service, experience and affordability, just to name a few. But one crucial quality that sometimes gets overlooked is versatility. Here at American Refrigeration Inc., we are committed to being versatile in three key ways: through the services we offer, the brands we work with and the certification we possess. Read on to learn more about how our business offers the most services to the most customers, and how we are fully qualified to do so.

HVAC and refrigeration

There are plenty of fine businesses out there that offer quality service for commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR. The same can be said for commercial refrigeration services. But not as many businesses exist that can cater to both your refrigerator and your air conditioner.

Why does this matter? We’ll tell you why: because you are a busy business owner, and you deserve whatever will make your life a little easier. Having a business you can always call for both HVAC and refrigeration concerns takes a little pressure of your shoulders, and ensures that all of your appliances are in tip top shape.

Any brand

Some HVAC and refrigeration services take pride in working with certain brands, but in truth, that only limits what they can do for their customers. A truly versatile Eugene, OR commercial HVAC service should be able to work on a wide range of brands, because this is a sign of familiarity and significant experience.

Think about it: if a business has been around for decades, its technicians have likely worked on hundreds or thousands of customers’ HVAC equipment and appliances. This means they’ve likely seen all manner of problems on a variety of makes and models. Thanks to this variety of experiences with so many brands, versatile commercial HVAC technicians will likely have seen whatever problem your system is experiencing sometime in the past—and they’ll likely know how to handle it.

EPA certification

Any commercial refrigeration business needs to be EPA certified to handle refrigerants. But did you know that different levels exist for different appliances? You certainly don’t want to hire someone only certified to work with less than five pounds of refrigerant to fix your huge commercial freezer.

When hiring a commercial refrigeration business, asking about EPA certification is a good first step. But an even better thing to ask is which level of EPA certification the business possesses. This will give you a better idea of whether or not they are qualified (and versatile) enough to work on your equipment.

Hire the best

If you want the best, hire the most versatile. When it comes to service for your commercial HVAC in Eugene, OR, that means hiring the team at American Refrigeration Inc. We are proud to be certified to offer the most services, and to work on more brands than our competitors. Please give our experienced team a call anytime for more information.