Understanding EPA Certification and Commercial Refrigeration in Eugene, OR

Understanding EPA Certification and Commercial Refrigeration in Eugene, OR

If you have ever worked with commercial refrigeration in Eugene, OR, then you have probably noticed how many different—and potentially dangerous—refrigerant chemicals go into keeping your goods at the right temperature. In fact, many people find themselves wondering just how they can trust a commercial refrigeration company to safely and responsibly handle their duties. If you have ever worried about this and would like to know more about the topic, read on to learn about EPA certification and commercial refrigeration in Eugene, OR.

What is EPA refrigerant certification?

As we have noted, refrigerants can be very dangerous chemicals if leaked or contained in large doses. They can also be very toxic to the environment. That is why section 608 of the U.S. Federal Clean Air Act states that all technicians who work with refrigerants need to be trained and tested on how to use them safely and responsibly. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees this certification process to ensure consistency and high standards.

How does someone earn EPA 608 certification?

A refrigeration technician earns an EPA 608 certification the same way any professional achieves any certification: by going through the proper training, studying hard and then passing a test. EPA 608 students have a choice between open and closed book tests; open book test takers need to get at least 84 percent for each section to pass, while closed book test takers need only a 72 percent per section. Different third-party organizations are certified by the EPA to administer the tests.

Are there different levels to EPA 608 certification?

Yes, there are four different levels to EPA 608 certification. Those who earn a Type 1 certification can work only on small appliances that require five pounds or less of refrigerant. Type 2 technicians can work on medium-, high- and very high-pressure appliances. Technicians who clear the test for Type 3 can only work with low-pressure appliances. Finally, universal certification exists for those who pass tests for all three types.

How will hiring an EPA certified technician help my business?

Your business relies on commercial refrigeration in Eugene, OR to keep customers happy and maintain profitability. Making sure you hire someone who is EPA certified to work on your particular equipment will help ensure that your appliances receive the most effective and safe treatment. It also ensures that you will not get into any legal trouble for neglecting to properly use and store your refrigerants.

Where can I find a commercial refrigeration company that is EPA certified?

If you are looking for a commercial refrigeration company that is fully EPA certified, as well as hardworking, responsive and friendly, then you need look no further than American Refrigeration Inc. Since 1995, our team of highly skilled and fully certified workers has brought responsibility, skill and accuracy to every job we take on, and we make sure to treat our customers with kindness and respect. Get in touch with American Refrigeration Inc. today for more information about what we can do for you and your business.