Keep Your Wine Cooler Running Efficiently with These Helpful Tips

Keep Your Wine Cooler Running Efficiently with These Helpful Tips

You may not need a huge walk-in wine refrigerator or a massive wine vault for your dining establishment, but it’s a good investment to have a decent sized cooler to preserve the taste and quality of what’s offered on your wine list. After all, though bottled, wine needs storing at the right temperatures before being served. But none of this can happen when a wine chiller is not maintained properly or inspected on a regular basis. From cleaning the inside of the refrigeration unit to checking all electrical components, don’t put off important preventative maintenance—do it yourself or hire a pro.

If you are like most people, you want to avoid needing restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to keep your business’s wine cooler running efficiently.

Place it in an ideal location

The first thing you want to take into consideration is the placement of the wine refrigerator’s ventilation system. Units with front ventilation can slip under counters just fine, or you can even custom-build them into your bar’s or kitchen’s cabinetry or shelving. Wine coolers without front ventilation should not be placed in confined spaces, unless there are at least a few inches of breathing room on each side. Alternatively, leave front or side vented wine refrigerators standing on their own, as long as ventilation grates are not hindered.

A word of caution: To protect your wine from high temperatures that will ruin your product, keep wine coolers away from direct sunlight and sources of heat, like stoves and other large appliances.

Don’t overload with bottles

Bottle shape plays a role in whether you can chill six oversized bottles of sparkling wine per rack or eight regular shaped chardonnays and still be able to have organized rows. Professional grade wine refrigerators are typically made to hold standard size bottles of wine (that’s 750 ml per bottle). Consider this: not only does overloading your wine fridge run the risk of bottles falling out and an overworked refrigerator, it also won’t chill your wine to the proper drinking temperature. This can lead to spoilage.

If your restaurant or bar serves a variety of wine in different bottle shapes and sizes, then it’s best to purchase a large capacity wine cooler to accommodate your wine selection.

Keep it clean

Hands down, cleaning your wine refrigeration unit will ensure that it performs as it should. While wiping it down, take the opportunity to inspect for frost buildup on the inside, as well as moisture pooling around or inside of the cooling unit. Always remove bottles and shelves and unplug it from its power source before a cleaning. Clean it so you don’t have to spend money on restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR every month, especially repairs that are easily avoided with occasional cleanings.

At American Refrigeration Inc., we are here to help with all your needs for restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR. This includes, but is not limited to, repairs to specialty equipment like custom wine vaults, walk-in coolers and reach-in coolers. Call us today!