Care for Your Commercial Walk In Coolers in Eugene, OR Using These Tips

Care for Your Commercial Walk In Coolers in Eugene, OR Using These Tips

Commercial grade refrigeration units are not cheap, and neither are the repair bills associated with them. For this reason, it’s important that you clean and inspect all running units on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at some good tips to help you care for your commercial walk in coolers in Eugene, OR.

Cleaning the unit

To avoid costly issues and repairs, it’s a good idea to clean the unit in between professional cleanings. Coming together as a team to perform regular commercial cooler maintenance will likely result in the appliance performing well and lasting a long time. Moreover, clean cooling units will ensure that your establishment won’t stink of spoiled foods, which will turn off customers:

  • Schedule regular cleanings: You can make cleaning your walk in coolers easier each time by spot cleaning often, instead of waiting until odors get worse and spills multiply. Read the owner’s manual for cleaning instructions, or use a damp cloth with a gentle soapy solution. Consider working regular cooler cleanings into your daily routine to wipe away food particles and spills, and dirt from floors, as well as eliminate lingering odors from the day.
  • Plan thorough cleanings: Once again, check your owner’s annual for more in-depth cleaning instructions. You want to keep the cooler’s ventilation and grate covers clear of debris and gunk or ice buildup, and wipe down fans, coils and electrical connections (after turning off the power, of course). If debris accumulates around or inside the unit components, then the cooler may run into issues with performance.

Inspecting unit parts

The best time for quick unit inspections is while you’re cleaning it. That way, you might uncover damage or problems like cracks, splits, rust or corrosion and disconnected wires that would otherwise go undetected:

  • Prevent issues now: Small issues almost always grow into bigger problems, which is why weekly inspections of commercial walk in coolers in Eugene, OR are recommended—especially for the food service industry. Add regular weekly inspections to the work calendar to be completed by you or a designated employee.
  • Check for leaks: Water leaking from or inside the cooling unit needs immediate attention. There could be an issue with the coil condensers, compressor or other unit components that are in place to keep walk in coolers at the right temperature. Also, make sure the door is holding shut when you close it, because at warmer temperatures, the door seal could malfunction. A leaky or warm cooler means the internal temperature is dropping and food safety is now on the line.
  • Don’t ignore strange sounds: A walk in cooler can start making all sorts of noises seemingly out of nowhere. First, there are odd door sounds—like popping joints, loose hinges jingling and a lack of suction sounds upon opening the door. Other strange sounds include a struggling fan motor or compressor, which can be an indication of a system clog or malfunction.

Performing your own unit cleaning and inspections is good, but every now and then, you should hire a professional to give everything a closer look. For repairs and installations of commercial walk in coolers in Eugene, OR, contact the experienced team at American Refrigeration Inc. today!