Commercial Wine Chiller Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Commercial Wine Chiller Maintenance: What You Need to Know

The operation of your commercial wine chiller is vital to your winery’s operations. Being able to reliably chill wine means being able to produce a product that’s ready for testing, packaging, serving or cellaring. If your chiller is on the fritz, you’re going to be left with a product that’s at risk of spoiling.

Don’t settle for room temperature wine that’s lacking in flavor or integrity! If your commercial chiller is on the fritz, call for commercial cooler repair in Eugene, OR and restore its function as quickly as possible. And, while you’re at it, it’s important to take stock of a few simple tips for proper maintenance, to help prevent any future breakdowns or inefficiencies:

  • Make sure your chiller is properly ventilated. Improper ventilation is one of the chief causes of a unit’s breakdown and can have long-term ramifications to its efficiency. Depending on the type of chiller you have, it may have either front or rear venting. Determine where your venting is located and make sure it’s never blocked or obstructed in any way.
  • Understand the effects of ambient temperature. If your chiller is located near anything hot or placed directly in an area of heavy sunlight, there’s a chance this ambient temperature could affect the performance of your unit. It’s smart to relocate and position your chiller away from other winery equipment and make sure direct sunlight is limited to a minimum.
  • Know the capacity. Nothing will cause problems for your chiller like overexertion. If you exceed its capacity, the sensors within the chiller will register higher temperatures for longer, since there’s more chilling to be done. Over time, this causes excess stress on the unit, which leads to premature breakdown of parts and components. Stick to the capacity listed and make sure you’re not exceeding the efficiency standards of the unit.
  • Clean your unit routinely. Cleaning your wine chiller will also serve to improve its efficiency and overall operation. If the chiller is kept clean and given the routine maintenance it needs, it won’t have to work as hard to accomplish its job of chilling your wine.
  • Pay attention to filtration. Chillers have a filtration component that helps them to keep the air within clean and purified, which in turn promotes better performance. These filters need to be changed out and replaced in routine intervals, to ensure they’re not having the inverse effect and making it harder for the unit to do its job.

Of course, in addition to all of the above, you’re going to want to have an HVAC professional out on a regular basis to inspect your chiller and provide any commercial cooler repair in Eugene, OR that might be needed to keep it running smoothly.

Staying on top of your chiller’s function will ultimately help you avoid costly breakdowns or inefficient operation, which can end up costing you money and leading to spoilage or tainting of your wine. The best approach to maintaining your chiller is a proactive one.