When To Call A Commercial Freezer Repair Technician

When To Call A Commercial Freezer Repair Technician

A commercial freezer is an essential part of any restaurant, liquor store, or convenience store. When it malfunctions, you can lose valuable inventory and customers. To keep your equipment working well, you need to schedule regular maintenance checks. When a technician visits your facility, they can spot problems before they occur.

Ice Buildup

When it comes to commercial freezers, ice and frost buildup can be a serious problem. This buildup is a sign that your defrost cycle isn’t working properly. In addition to affecting food safety, excess moisture can also damage the interior of the freezer. Fortunately, most of these issues can be addressed by a professional technician who can fix them before they become larger problems. The sooner a problem is recognized, the better.

Inconsistent Temperature

Your food retail business relies on the ability of your commercial freezer to maintain a consistent temperature. If your commercial freezer can’t hold a steady temperature, this could be an indication that it needs repair.  It may also be a sign that it’s time to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model. Inconsistent temperatures can also be caused by damaged seals or gaskets. When these seals are worn or broken, they allow cold air to escape. This can lead to the thawing of your food and a spike in your energy costs. A professional repair technician can help you determine if this is an issue that needs to be addressed right away. If the problem isn’t addressed, it can cause food to spoil or become contaminated, causing health concerns for you and your customers.

Water Leaks

When you see puddles on the floor around your freezer, it is a good sign that your seals are wearing out. You also want to take a closer look at the doors. If you are able to open the door with your fingers, this is a sign that your motor is not working as well as it used to. While this is not a particularly costly repair, it can make your fridge less efficient and potentially unsafe for your employees or customers. You might want to consider a maintenance contract as it can save you money down the road. That being said, when your commercial freezer is in need of repair, you want to call a technician who can do the job right the first time. After all, a small issue that goes unrepaired could lead to a much bigger problem.

Commercial Wine Chiller Maintenance: What You Need to Know

The operation of your commercial wine chiller is vital to your winery’s operations. Being able to reliably chill wine means being able to produce a product that’s ready for testing, packaging, serving or cellaring. If your chiller is on the fritz, you’re going to be left with a product that’s at risk of spoiling.

Don’t settle for room temperature wine that’s lacking in flavor or integrity! If your commercial chiller is on the fritz, call for commercial cooler repair in Eugene, OR and restore its function as quickly as possible. And, while you’re at it, it’s important to take stock of a few simple tips for proper maintenance, to help prevent any future breakdowns or inefficiencies:

Of course, in addition to all of the above, you’re going to want to have an HVAC professional out on a regular basis to inspect your chiller and provide any commercial cooler repair in Eugene, OR that might be needed to keep it running smoothly.

Staying on top of your chiller’s function will ultimately help you avoid costly breakdowns or inefficient operation, which can end up costing you money and leading to spoilage or tainting of your wine. The best approach to maintaining your chiller is a proactive one.