Features to Consider When Choosing Commercial Refrigeration Products in Eugene, OR

Features to Consider When Choosing Commercial Refrigeration Products in Eugene, OR

There are a wide variety of businesses that make regular use of commercial refrigerators, even beyond restaurants and companies that are in the food service industry. If you’re in need of a new commercial refrigerator for your business, it’s important you spend some time considering the features you need before you make your purchase so you can be sure the investment you’re making in the equipment is a smart one.

Here are some of the features and issues you’ll want to consider when investing in commercial refrigeration products in Eugene, OR.

Door type

One item to take into consideration is the type of door you want on your refrigerator. Consider where there are doorways, entrances and other equipment in your kitchen area, as well as how much space you have in general to use the refrigerator.

You have several options among the door types that are commonly available on the market. Swing doors are the “traditional” kind of doors, which open up widely on hinges. Loading and unloading inventory is easy, but if you have a limited amount of space you could accidentally block off kitchen traffic. Half doors are sort of like swing doors, but the door is split into a couple different sections, which helps to conserve energy and make internal temperatures more consistent.

Pass-through refrigerators, also known as reach-in refrigerators, have doors in both the front and rear, which makes them very versatile with where you place them. They’re ideal to place between prep areas and server stations in cafeterias or restaurants.

Finally, the material used to make the door is also important to consider for the purpose of temperature regulation. Solid doors are easy to clean, insulate well and have energy efficient properties, while glass doors allow for visibility of their contents, which can mean less of a chance that employees will need to stand with the door open searching for their specific food item.

Compressor location

Where the compressor is located on the unit is also important to consider. The compressor pulls in ambient air to help regulate the internal temperature, and the warmer the air, the harder the compressor has to work. A bottom-mounted compressor is more likely to pull in cooler air, which is ideal for otherwise hot environments. It also puts the bottom shelves up higher so items are easier to reach—it just may require a bit more cleaning than a top-mounted compressor, which is less likely to clog but also more difficult to keep cool in hot environments.


Many new models of commercial refrigerators come standard with digital thermostats, which offer more accurate readings of temperature than older models. This makes it easier to adjust temperatures as needed, lowering your utility bills because of more efficient electrical usage.


It might be sensible for you to select a refrigerator with removable gaskets, which can help to keep cold air locked inside. Removable gaskets also are easier to clean than other types of gaskets.

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