An Overview of Our Commercial Freezer Services

An Overview of Our Commercial Freezer Services

If you combed back through the annals of history, making a note of all of humankind’s most important inventions, you’d be hard pressed to find much that’s more monumental, more critical to our everyday life, than the development of refrigeration. The ability to preserve food and, eventually, other essential items, for extended periods helped sustain people through the winter. It allowed more people to focus less on food cultivation and pursue other worthwhile endeavors. Indeed, refrigeration just might be one of the building blocks of civilization.

Today, that fact is underscored by the number of applications for refrigeration and the scope of commercial freezer services in Eugene, OR.

Serving every industry under the sun

The number of industries that make daily use of commercial freezer services in Eugene, OR is truly astonishing. Throughout the Eugene area, supermarkets and convenience stores big and small keep their food and drink cold with some help from commercial freezers. In fact, across Oregon and around the world, more and more people are filling their grocery carts with frozen food. That means more commercial refrigerators and freezers than ever before.

Beyond the grocery store, commercial freezers play a crucial role in medical laboratories, hotels and restaurants. Large farms and agricultural ventures will find so much to love in a walk-in freezer that can keep goods at the perfect temperature.

Keep things running

Once you’ve found the perfect commercial freezer, the smartest thing to do is schedule routine visits from a qualified professional. Putting experienced eyes on your freezers and refrigerators can have numerous benefits:

  • Neglected equipment leads to break-downs. Broken refrigeration units and freezers can lead to lost product, which, in turn, could lead to lost clients.
  • For those in the food service industry, imagine a health inspector popping by your kitchen only to discover that your refrigeration unit isn’t up to standard.
  • Faulty refrigeration units cost money. Every single month that an ailing unit goes unrepaired, energy costs go up just a little bit more. In the world of business ownership, every dollar matters.

Perhaps most importantly for business owners, routine maintenance saves you money. After all, when your refrigeration system breaks down, not only does it stop your business in its tracks, but it can cost big money to call for emergency repairs and parts.

When emergencies happen

On a long enough timeline, no matter how well you maintain your refrigeration and freezer systems, they will eventually fail. If life experience is any indication, the moment your freezer shuts down will be the absolute worst moment possible. When disasters happen, make sure you have the number of a qualified and competent technician who will be able to come to your aid 24 hours a day.

Our difference

At American Refrigeration Inc., we specialize in a vast array of commercial freezer services in Eugene, OR. From installation to repair to preventative maintenance, our team of highly-skilled technicians can make your refrigeration issues a thing of the past. We even offer emergency services 24 hours a day.

We’re committed to your complete satisfaction, and it’s time to let us prove it to you. Give us a call or visit us online today.