We Offer Repairs for All Kinds of Commercial Ice Machines!

We Offer Repairs for All Kinds of Commercial Ice Machines!

The ice machine is an important appliance in any commercial kitchen or cafeteria setting. You’ll commonly find them in restaurants, hotels, schools and hospitals—anywhere that people from the public gather for food or drink.

Like any other type of appliance, ice machines can occasionally experience mechanical, electrical or other types of problems. When this happens, it’s important that you’re able to recognize the symptoms of those problems and do not hesitate in calling a professional appliance repair service to analyze the appliance and determine the best course of action for commercial ice machine repair in Eugene, OR.

Here are just a few examples of inspections and repairs our team will make when you call us for service:

  • Power: If you lose power to your ice machine, your first step should be to check the circuit breaker or fuse that sends power to the equipment. If that’s not the issue, the problem could be with the wiring or something within the appliance itself that requires professional attention.
  • Temperature: Is the issue you’re having with your ice machine related to temperature? You might have difficulty getting the machine cold enough to create ice, for example. One common problem here is ambient air temperature—you should make sure you have the machine located in an area where the temperature doesn’t get too hot due to a lack of air conditioning or due to the presence of appliances that heat up ambient air. Otherwise, there might be a clog or a mechanical issue.
  • Water problems: Problems related to the water could also cause equipment malfunctions. The ice machine’s water supply could be interrupted if it’s not producing ice at all. You should also consider the temperature at which the water is coming into the machine—warm water will be harder to freeze than cold water.
  • Overworking: There are some parts that might have been overworked or worn out due to improper installation or operation. For example, the water inlet valve might constantly be running while the machine is trying to make ice in freeze mode.
  • Filters: The cause of your ice machine problems could simply be that you have not changed your filter in a reasonable amount of time. Water filters should be changed regularly to ensure proper operation of the equipment.
  • Maintenance: General maintenance of the ice machine is also necessary to ensure long-lasting, high-quality operation. You should regularly clean the condenser coil to prevent a buildup that could cause temperature issues or operational problems. Change water inlet valves when you need to take them apart to remove muck or calcium buildup that could be causing clogs. Clean the internal water side of the machine to ensure better quality ice and avoid clogs and buildup. These are all standard maintenance tasks you should perform yourself so you don’t have to call out a professional to make repairs as frequently.

For more information about some of the most common problems that necessitate commercial ice machine repair in Eugene, OR, we encourage you to contact the appliance repair technicians at American Refrigeration Inc.