How to Keep Up with Cold Room Maintenance

How to Keep Up with Cold Room Maintenance

Appropriate cold room maintenance is crucial when your operations in Eugene, OR involve cold storage. Failure to keep up with cold room maintenance can result in spoiled product, asset loss, customer dissatisfaction and other costly damages. To properly maintain your cold room, use the following guide.

Key components

A cold room typically includes several common components. Each of these should be carefully maintained to ensure the ongoing function of the cold room:

  • Compressor: This component is responsible for the compression of the refrigerant gas, which is key to keeping the cold room cold.
  • Condenser: This piece cools the gas to create a cold liquid.
  • Expansive valve: This valve regulates the flow of gas and turns the liquid gas into a vapor.
  • Evaporator coils: These coils absorb energy to cool the coils. They also boil and expand the liquid gas.
  • Refrigerator fans: These components cool the room by circulating the air over the coils.
  • Cold room door: This specialized door features cold room insulation and seals to maintain the temperature inside the storage area.


One way to know if all of the above components are working properly or if they require maintenance is the temperature of the cold room. The appropriate temperature for your cold room depends on what you are storing in the space. The options vary from freezer to fridge to ambient.

If the good you are storing must remain frozen, you must maintain a cold room temperature of 15℃ or colder. For refrigeration of products, the standard cold room temperature is between 2℃ and 8℃. For ambient or room temperature storage, you should set your cold room storage between 8℃ and 25℃. For proper cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR make sure you are using the appropriate setting based on your stored products. Keep in mind that the ambient temperature range is large and should be narrowed down based on your storage needs.

Regular maintenance

To prevent problems with your cold storage, perform regular cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR. Partner with a local refrigeration company to complete this maintenance. Your cold room should be inspected once each season to check for potential problems. When this is done regularly, technicians can spot minor issues before they become major repairs. For example, if the seal on your door is starting to wear, you should replace it before it fails and you risk losing products due to spoilage.

To choose a refrigeration company, look for one that is established in the industry and has a track record of success. Find a business that can respond to your needs with emergency service if necessary, and that stands behind its work with a warranty.

Partner with the pros

For effective cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR, contact the team at American Refrigeration Inc. Established in 1995, we have been the area’s go-to source for commercial heating and cooling for decades. Emergency repair is available 24/7, and we honor manufacturer rebates and warranties. Call us today at 541-688-0939 for expert cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR.