Commercial Freezer & Walk-In Repair

Your commercial refrigerator is made up of several complex parts, all of which must work together to keep your food and beverages chilled. The refrigerator compressor is one of the most crucial components in this system. It’s responsible for circulating refrigerant throughout the fridge. This refrigerant is what absorbs heat from inside the fridge and transfers it outside. Without a properly functioning compressor, your fridge would quickly become too warm to store food safely.

That said, compressors do occasionally break down. When this happens, you’ll need to call a professional for commercial compressor repair. A trained technician will diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. In some cases, the compressor may need to be replaced. Let’s look at some of the signs indicating problems with the compressor so that you know when to call for repairs.

1. Strange Noises From the Compressor

There are normal sounds that your fridge’s compressor makes as it runs. For instance, it’s common for it to make a humming sound. It can also make light clicking noises as it cycles on and off. However, if you start hearing strange noises coming from the compressor, this is a cause for concern. Grinding, rattling, and other loud noises could indicate that the compressor is overloaded or that there are objects striking it. These kinds of sounds usually require professional cold room compressor repair. A qualified technician can determine the source of the noise and make the necessary repairs.

2. Fluctuating Temperature

If your fridge is struggling to maintain a consistent temperature, this could be a sign that the compressor is having difficulty circulating refrigerant. When the compressor can’t circulate refrigerant properly, it causes the temperature inside the fridge to fluctuate. This can lead to food spoilage and other problems. If you notice that the temperature inside your fridge is fluctuating, call a commercial refrigerator repair technician right away. The longer you wait to call for repairs, the greater the risk of food spoilage and other issues.

3. Compressor Runs Constantly

In a well-functioning fridge, the compressor should cycle on and off as needed to maintain a consistent temperature. If the compressor is running constantly, this could indicate that it’s not cycling off properly. This, in turn, could mean that the fridge isn’t cooling properly. On top of that, a compressor that runs constantly is more likely to overheat and break down. Since this is a potentially serious problem, it’s best to call for commercial refrigerator compressor repair as soon as you notice this issue.

4. Refrigerator Is Overheating

As we mentioned, a compressor that runs constantly is more likely to overheat. If you notice that your fridge is overheating, this is a cause for concern. An overheating fridge could damage the compressor and other components. It could be an issue with the compressor fan or another component. In any case, it’s best to have a professional take a look as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the signs that indicate problems with your fridge’s compressor. If you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call a commercial refrigerator repair technician. The sooner you call for repairs, the less likely it is that you’ll experience extensive damage to your fridge.

Cold Storage and Refrigerated Warehousing

Modern technology has made it possible to transport perishable food across the world without putting the food’s quality at risk. Advanced temperature control systems allow pharmaceuticals to be moved and stored, as well, in places where they’re needed. One aspect of cold chain logistics that makes the whole thing possible is refrigerated warehousing.

Let’s take a closer look at how cold storage works.

Basics of cold storage

This type of storage involves temp-controlled warehousing that prevents items from decaying or failing to adhere to laws and regulations applicable to those items. A manufacturer may have private cold storage facilities where they warehouse products before these are shipped to consumers. End users may also have storage for temperature-controlled products. For example, a restaurant purchases food in bulk and stores it on-site at a cold storage facility.

Often, refrigerated warehousing is outsourced to a third-party provider. These companies will take care of the products before they’re shipped out to end users.

The complexity of refrigerated warehousing

The reality is that, due to regulations on shipping refrigerated freight, it’s far more complicated than sending dry goods. Refrigerated warehousing is more costly as well; for these reasons, manufacturers tend to use third-party providers of this service.

The demand for the transportation of refrigerated goods is only rising. Retailers and end users have high expectations for pallet building and traceability, which also make this aspect of logistics particularly tricky. For these reasons, there’s a lower return on investment for providers specializing in this field. They need to do everything possible to make their processes efficient to turn a profit.

Problems with temp-controlled warehousing

Products have varying shelf lives, need to be stored at different temperatures and are permitted to be stored for varying amounts of time. A cold storage provider might have perishable food, plants, pharmaceutical products and artworks all at the same facility, all needing to be handled according to different requirements.

Energy efficiency is another hurdle for this industry. Studies show that cold storage facilities are incredibly inefficient unless they’re equipped with high-quality doors and insulation. The warehousing process needs to be optimized at every step to ensure the least amount of exposure to the outside world.

Types of cold storage

There are many different types of cold storage, including:

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Walk-in Cold Room?

You may be wondering if it’s worth the investment to establish a walk-in cold room for your commercial setting. What are the benefits of using a walk-in cold room in Eugene, OR? Here’s your answer. You may be surprised to discover just how advantageous a walk-in cold room can be for your operations.

You can save space

Cramped commercial kitchens are never a good thing. They pose challenges to staff and your operations. Yet, you need cold storage, and bulky refrigerators may seem unavoidable. The fact is, you can eliminate these large units by opting for a walk-in cold room. This addition will free up valuable space in the kitchen for other essential tasks.

You can save money

It may seem counterintuitive that you can save money by making a costly investment, but it’s true. Too often, products are wasted due to spoilage. You can lose a lot of profits due to wasted goods. This happens when a lack of space causes a lack of organization. A walk-in cold room gives you ample space to keep everything organized and sorted by date, so products are used before they spoil. The amount you save on wasted inventory alone can make this investment well worth your while.

You can enjoy convenience

Not only does the walk-in space help prevent waste, it adds convenience. If you’re in a hurry, a large, well-organized area is much easier to access and find what you need quickly. From flowers to produce to medicine, your inventory is easy to identify and locate in an efficient manner.

You can customize

As you’re wondering what might be the benefits of using a walk-in cold room in Eugene, OR, consider how flexible this solution can be. As you set up and begin to use your walk-in cold room, you can create the layout that works best for you. You can also adjust the temperature settings to suit your storage needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You can easily tailor a walk-in cold room to fit the needs of your commercial setting.

You can cool reliably

A walk-in cold room offers reliable cooling for your products. You can set the room to cool at a specific temperature, and the system will ensure the area remains at that cooling level. This might not be true with other refrigeration solutions. They may offer a general range of cool temperatures, but for many products and commercial operations, the cooling must be more precise. A walk-in cold room gives you this precision.

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How to Keep Up with Cold Room Maintenance

Appropriate cold room maintenance is crucial when your operations in Eugene, OR involve cold storage. Failure to keep up with cold room maintenance can result in spoiled product, asset loss, customer dissatisfaction and other costly damages. To properly maintain your cold room, use the following guide.

Key components

A cold room typically includes several common components. Each of these should be carefully maintained to ensure the ongoing function of the cold room:


One way to know if all of the above components are working properly or if they require maintenance is the temperature of the cold room. The appropriate temperature for your cold room depends on what you are storing in the space. The options vary from freezer to fridge to ambient.

If the good you are storing must remain frozen, you must maintain a cold room temperature of 15℃ or colder. For refrigeration of products, the standard cold room temperature is between 2℃ and 8℃. For ambient or room temperature storage, you should set your cold room storage between 8℃ and 25℃. For proper cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR make sure you are using the appropriate setting based on your stored products. Keep in mind that the ambient temperature range is large and should be narrowed down based on your storage needs.

Regular maintenance

To prevent problems with your cold storage, perform regular cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR. Partner with a local refrigeration company to complete this maintenance. Your cold room should be inspected once each season to check for potential problems. When this is done regularly, technicians can spot minor issues before they become major repairs. For example, if the seal on your door is starting to wear, you should replace it before it fails and you risk losing products due to spoilage.

To choose a refrigeration company, look for one that is established in the industry and has a track record of success. Find a business that can respond to your needs with emergency service if necessary, and that stands behind its work with a warranty.

Partner with the pros

For effective cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR, contact the team at American Refrigeration Inc. Established in 1995, we have been the area’s go-to source for commercial heating and cooling for decades. Emergency repair is available 24/7, and we honor manufacturer rebates and warranties. Call us today at 541-688-0939 for expert cold room maintenance in Eugene, OR.

What You Should Know About Operating Cold Storage Rooms

Cold storage rooms are frequently used inside factories, shops, warehouses and restaurants for keeping large quantities of goods cool at once. If you’re planning to install a cold storage room somewhere on your premises, it is important you know how to operate them effectively.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive about cold storage rooms in Eugene, OR that should give you some valuable insight into how they work.

Q: What do I need to install a cold storage room?

You’re going to need a sufficient amount of real estate, for starters. Cold storage rooms can be the size of walk-in closets, or they can cover massive areas, depending on the amount and type of goods you need to store. You’ll also need to make sure you have a level concrete floor and foundation on which to install it.

Q: How is a cold storage room constructed?

The process of building a cold storage room will have several phases. First will be the construction of the insulated structure. Once that main structure is complete, the next phase is installation of the refrigeration equipment. Finally, all the trimmings and finishings of the insulated structure can be completed, and then the system will be ready to be put into full use.

Q: What size can I expect a cold storage room to be?

The size of your cold storage room is really up to you, as is the configuration. They can be custom-built to any size. It’s worth checking with other companies in your industry to see what size they use, if you know they have needs similar to those of your company.

Q: What do I need to know about temperature control?

You will be able to control the cold storage room based on the storage temperature you select at the control area. The length of time it takes for the cold storage room to actually reach your desired temperature will depend on your particular application and needs. Factors will include the product head load, the amount of product you’re storing, the total weight, the size of the room and the equipment you’re using.

The good news is that you won’t have to worry about hot weather impacting the operation of your cold storage room, so long as the room has been designed correctly.

Q: What do I need to know about equipment?

Cold storage rooms will require 1Phase 220V or 3Phase 380V systems. Any system larger than a 2HP unit will require that 3Phase supply.

With regard to the condensing unit, usually this will be placed outside in a spot where it can be easily connected to the internal evaporator blower coil with copper tubing and wiring. While you can expect some noise from the freezer unit, it should not be an excessive amount.

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