The Basics of Reach-in Refrigeration Maintenance

The Basics of Reach-in Refrigeration Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential when it comes to keeping equipment and appliances in the best condition possible. Investing in routine maintenance is hands-down the best way to extend the lifespan of equipment while boosting its efficiency and performance.

Oftentimes, business owners neglect preventative maintenance in an effort to save money—but the reality is that putting off maintenance will only delay expenses and will result in far more complicated and costly problems.

Keep reading to learn about how to take care of reach-in freezer repair and maintenance to get the most out of your freezer equipment.

Tips for reach-in freezer repair and maintenance

Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind when it comes to reach-in freezer repair and preventative maintenance:

  • Check temperature settings: Many of the problems that commonly come up with reach-in freezers are caused by issues with temperature settings. If a freezer’s thermometer is programmed to the wrong settings, it will increase the risk of ice buildup, food spoilage and leaks. Check your freezer’s thermometer to see what the temperature is, and check what it is set to. Read your freezer’s owner’s manual for an accurate temperature recommendation so that you can make sure that your freezer’s thermometer is set to the right temperature.
  • Reorganize stored food: Packing food into a freezer without any effort to organize items can result in overcrowding and restrict airflow, leading to ice buildup and inconsistent cooling of food items. Take time to reorganize stored food, and make sure that there is plenty of room in between items for air to circulate through the freezer. Reorganizing a freezer also offers the perfect opportunity to find and throw away old food that was lost in your freezer.
  • Check gaskets, seals, hinges and latches for damage: Without a proper seal, reach-in freezers won’t work properly to keep food products at the right temperature. Gaskets, seals, hinges and latches all play essential roles in maintaining an airtight seal for a freezer door, so inspect these components regularly to check for signs of wear, tear and damage. If you notice that any of these things are damaged, invest in replacement to keep your freezer working as effectively as possible.
  • Contact a professional for maintenance and repairs: A lot of business owners take on DIY freezer maintenance and repairs in an effort to save money, but going the DIY route is often more trouble than it’s worth. To make sure that you get the best repairs possible, always hire a professional who is trained to work on reach-in freezers.

Reach-in freezer repair

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