How Much Does an R-22 to R-410A AC Conversion Cost?

How Much Does an R-22 to R-410A AC Conversion Cost?

There are many benefits to converting your R-22 air conditioning system to an R-410A system. These benefits range from the legal to the financial to the environmental. R-410A air conditioning systems are better for the ozone layer and will eventually be the norm in all homes once R-22 systems are successfully phased out.

But the thought of R-22 conversion costs might be the thing stopping you from making the switch, which is understandable. However, knowing the extent of R-22 conversion costs could help you make a more informed decision—read on to learn more.

Do I legally have to convert my R-22 air conditioning system to an R-410A system?

Technically, no—but R-22 gas is going to be much harder to find going forward. This is because the United States has legally barred manufacturers from making new R-22 systems. The government has also outlawed the importation or manufacturing of R-22 gas in the United States. All existing R-22 AC systems are allowed to stand, but it’s going to be harder to have them serviced or refilled going forward.

Can I convert my R-22 system to an R-410A system myself?

Not unless you’re an EPA-certified HVAC technician with experience performing that specific conversion process. This is because R-22 conversions are an intricate procedure that involves the complete removal of R-22, which is a harsh chemical gas. It’s better to leave a tricky operation like this to the certified professionals.

How will I know whether I should have my air conditioner converted or replaced?

This could be a matter of personal preference or budgetary concerns, but as a general rule of thumb, if you have an R-22 HVAC system that is eight years or older, you might be better off having it replaced with an R-410A system. This is because AC units typically last between 10 and 12 years, so paying to have your system converted at the end of its lifespan doesn’t make much fiscal sense.

What does the R-22 conversion process entail?

It is an involved, multi-step practice that will begin by having an HVAC technician remove all traces of R-22. The technician will “flush” the system several times to ensure all the R-22 is gone. The technician will then replace the accumulator, compressor and expansion valve with parts that can tolerate the R-410A gas. The professional may or may not have to install a new refrigerant line set. The tech will then recharge the AC system with R-410A and finish the conversion by testing it extensively.

How much will an R-22 to R-410A conversion cost?

The actual cost will depend on many things, including where you live, but most of the time R-22 conversions start at around $2,000 and go up from there. The higher end of that range is somewhere around $4,500 to $4,600. This is because of the necessary parts, products, expertise and labor required for an R-22 conversion. For context, a new air conditioner installation costs between $4,600 and $9,000.

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