Homebrew Equipment Essentials

Homebrew Equipment Essentials

If you are a beer enthusiast, brewing beer at home can be an exciting hobby. This is because you will enjoy a beer made through your ingenuity, and you can experiment with various beer ideas. If you are looking to start brewing beer at home, there are essentials that you must have. These are:  


This is a container where you can store the wort and let it ferment into beer. There are numerous fermenters available in the market today, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you choose a fermenter that suits your homebrew desires.

Airlock and Bung

An airlock does what its name suggests. It’s lodged in an opening on top of the fermenter, and it works to let the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation out and prevent contaminants from getting in. In most fermenters, a bung is used to secure the airlock in place. If you don’t install an airlock in your fermenter, pressure can build up inside, resulting in the lid popping off. In the worst case, the pressure can cause the fermenter to explode.

Brew Kettle/Pot

A brew kettle is essential homebrew equipment as it’s what lets you boil the fermented wort and extract the brew. To avoid boilover, you need to pick a brew pot that’s a little larger than the quantity of your expected fermented wort. A 6 to 20 liter (1.5 to 5 gallon) brew kettle is sufficient for most home uses. Going for a larger brew kettle is the right move if you plan to scale up your home brewing operations.

Siphon and Tubing

A siphon and tubing are excellent ways to move hot wort or finished beer around. This will save you the hard work of lifting and pouring large quantities of hot wort or finished beer and the difficulty of cleaning the spilling mess that comes with it. If you are willing to invest a little more in your home brewing operation, you can pick up an auto-siphon. This homebrew equipment pumps liquid from one container to another using vacuum pressure. This means that it doesn’t introduce contaminants or oxygen into the beer.


A hydrometer is a piece of equipment that measures gravity or sugar density in your wort or beer. Although you can homebrew your beer without a hygrometer, this equipment allows you to have precision in monitoring fermentation. As a result, you will have more control over the alcohol content of your beer.

Cleaner and Sanitizer

After every home brewing cycle, you must diligently clean all the homebrew equipment. It’s advisable to use an unscented cleaner. A sanitizer is used to clean all microorganisms from the equipment. It’s best that you use a no-rinse sanitizer.

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