Cold Room Maintenance and Repair

Cold Room Maintenance and Repair

An evaporator fan serves the valuable purpose of keeping air moving in your cold room working efficiently. Without a working evaporator fan, you cannot properly cool your industrial cold room. As cold rooms have to stay at a constant temperature, these fans run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Due to this constant use, evap fan repair is a common part of regular maintenance.

Evaporator Fan: Its Use

The evaporator fan is an important part of your business’s cold room. It works by moving the air in the cold room over evaporator coils which cools the air and keeps your cold room at the desired preset temperature. In a cold room, the temperature has to be consistent and predictable. The evaporator fan and compressor are essential parts of the cooling process; if one is damaged, it will affect the other.

Signs Your Evaporator Fan Needs of Repair

When your fan needs repair or replacing, the evaporator coils ice over, leading to noticeable performance issues. These can include.

  • Ice collecting in your cold room.
  • Temperature changes in the cold room.
  • The fan blades become damaged or blocked.
  • Other damage to mechanical parts or other parts of the cooling system.

The Need for Maintenance and Repairs

Repairs and maintenance are a common part of every industrial system and any associated components. A cold room is used to store highly sensitive materials; damage to the fan or cooling components can cause damage to anything stored in your cold room. Depending on what you are storing, this can damage materials that are either expensive to replace or impossible to replace. Issues with your fan can cause the fan to become damaged or ice to collect on condenser coils leading to expensive repairs.

In addition, when your cooling system is not working correctly, energy use increases as your cold room’s equipment has to work harder to keep the temperature at desired levels. Because of this, you need to be consistent with the maintenance, cleaning, and any needed repairs. Such issues should not be ignored and must be addressed as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Regular cold room repair is essential for keeping your business working at its best and keeping the materials you are storing safe from heat exposure. Regular cleaning, ice removal, removing blockages, and steam cleaning can keep your cold room working as you expect. In situations where your system needs fan repair or full system replacement, a professional can assist.