The Most Reliable Commercial Ice Machines

The Most Reliable Commercial Ice Machines

Here at American Refrigeration Inc., we offer our customers the best possible service when looking for commercial ice machines and commercial ice makers, among other products. When customers are looking for information about these products, we always stand by to answer their questions and help them get the assistance that they need. Today, we want to talk about some of the most reliable commercial ice machines that we offer to our customers. First, though, we need to look at what one needs to look for in a reliable ice machine. 

Ice Shape 

Believe it or not, the shape of the ice is a very big deal to people who use those machines. They care if they are receiving ice cubes, shredded ice, ice chips, ice flakes, etc. 

Different shapes of ice are useful for different purposes. For example, cube-shaped ice is best for serving most everyday drinks. People want to put those cubes in their cups of just about any beverage. Thus, these may be the best choice in many workplaces, but they don’t always work for everyone. 

Getting ice chips or ice flakes is a great choice as well because they cause less splashing and less mess when they come out of the machine. If the splashing and mess are a big deal for your company, then it is time to look at ice chips and ice flakes instead of the classic ice cubes that you have been using up to this point. 


The amount of ice that your machine puts out is a big deal as well. You need to look at what the demand for ice is in your office. If you have a lot of people who are using the machine, then you will clearly need one that can put out a significant amount of ice. You may need to pay more for an ice machine that can put out the kind of capacity that you need from it. That said, this can pay off in a big way when you get the kind of machine that you need to take care of your office. 

Make sure you consider the capacity of your ice machine before you spend significant money on it. 

Maintenance Needs

Yet another consideration to deal with when looking over ice machines is the maintenance needs of those machines. Does the machine you are considering have good reviews in terms of being low maintenance? If that is not the case, then it may be time to look at switching to something else. After all, you don’t want to sink a huge amount of money into an ice machine via maintenance when you don’t need to do so. 

Look at the total maintenance needs of your ice machine and roll that into consideration of the total cost of the machine itself. If you can stomach the maintenance costs, then you should move forward with purchasing that machine. However, you don’t want to make any move until you have added this to the total cost of the machine.