Spirits Rise: The Art and Science of Distillery Equipment Installation

Bottles,Of,Wine,Shot,With,Limited,Depth,Of,Field.Distilling spirits is a centuries-old craft that requires a delicate blend of art and science. From the selection of raw materials to the aging process, every step in the production of spirits plays a crucial role in achieving the desired flavors and aromas. However, one often overlooked aspect of spirit production is the proper installation of distillery equipment. In this blog post, we will explore the art and science behind distillery equipment installation, highlighting its importance in ensuring the success of any distilling operation.

Selecting the Right Equipment:

The distillery industry offers a wide array of equipment options, ranging from stills to fermenters and condensers. Choosing the right equipment for your specific needs is critical in achieving consistent results and maintaining production efficiency. Factors such as production volume, desired spirit types, and available space should all be considered when making equipment selections. Working closely with experienced consultants or manufacturers in the industry can greatly assist in this process, ensuring that the chosen equipment is compatible with your production goals.

Ensuring Proper Placement:

Once the equipment has been selected, proper placement within the distillery plays a significant role in optimizing the production process. Each piece of equipment has specific requirements for positioning and adequate spacing to promote optimal functioning. For example, stills require adequate ventilation to allow for proper cooling and condensing of vapors, while fermenters benefit from being placed in temperature-controlled environments. Considering the workflow and overall layout of the distillery is essential in determining the most efficient placement of equipment, minimizing unnecessary movement and maximizing productivity.

Installation Considerations:

Before starting the installation process, it is crucial to assess any possible limitations within the distillery, such as structural constraints or existing utilities. Collaborating with professionals who specialize in distillery equipment installation ensures compliance with local building codes and safety regulations. Additionally, experienced installers can anticipate any potential challenges that may arise during the installation process, allowing for efficient problem-solving and timely completion.

Proper Ventilation and Exhaust Systems:

One critical aspect of distillery equipment installation is the design and implementation of ventilation and exhaust systems. Distilling involves the production of flammable vapors and gases that need to be safely extracted from the distillery. Proper ventilation ensures a controlled environment, reduces the risk of combustion or explosion, and protects the health and safety of distillery workers. Expert ventilation system design, installation, and maintenance are essential to comply with safety standards and provide optimal operating conditions.

Utility Connections:

Distillery equipment relies on various utility connections, such as electricity, water, and steam. These connections need to be carefully installed to ensure proper functioning and avoid downtime or equipment damage. Dependable electrical wiring and grounding are crucial to handle the equipment’s energy needs safely. Plumbing installations should comply with both sanitation and safety standards, preventing potential contamination and optimizing water usage. Steam connections, often required to heat stills or other equipment, must be carefully installed to prevent leaks and ensure efficient energy transfer.

Commissioning and Testing:

After the installation is complete, commissioning and testing are indispensable steps in verifying the functionality and performance of the equipment. Commissioning involves checking and fine-tuning settings, ensuring the equipment operates within specified parameters. Rigorous testing ensures that all components are working correctly and any necessary adjustments are made. Proper commissioning and testing protocols are vital to minimize operational issues and to provide valuable feedback for improving the overall distillery production process.

Regular Maintenance and Upgrades:

To maximize the lifespan and efficiency of distillery equipment, regular maintenance becomes an integral part of a successful operation. Scheduled inspections, routine cleaning, and preventive maintenance are essential to ensure equipment longevity and consistent performance. Moreover, the ever-evolving nature of distilling practices may call for equipment upgrades or modifications to incorporate new techniques or improve output. Keeping up with industry advancements and working closely with equipment manufacturers ensures that a distillery remains competitive and at the forefront of innovation.


The art and science of distillery equipment installation are intricately intertwined, with careful consideration and execution being vital for a successful distilling operation. Selecting the right equipment, ensuring proper placement, and expert installation are essential steps that require attention to detail. Moreover, efficient ventilation and utility connections, comprehensive commissioning and testing, and proactive maintenance practices are crucial components of an effective and safe distillery. By embracing the art and science of distillery equipment installation, distillers can elevate their craft and produce exceptional spirits for enthusiasts to enjoy.

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Water Filters for Craft Distilleries

When you think of starting a craft distillery, water might not be the first thing on your mind—but it’s where the process all begins. If you don’t have consistent water, then you won’t be able to create a consistent product. The reality is that most municipal water varies widely in terms of its chemical and mineral composition.

This means you may need to invest in water filters for your craft distillery in Eugene, OR. You’ve invested your time and money in creating the perfect craft distillery setup, and the last thing you’d want is for subpar water to compromise the end product. Read on to find out about the best water filter options for your craft distillery.

How water can be a problem

Water chemistry affects every part of the process, from mashing to cooling and reduction. Poor-quality water can corrode distilling equipment and plumbing, and can even show up in the bottles. For example, clear spirits such as gin and vodka can be affected by low water quality in terms of taste and appearance.

The taste may be off due to the disinfectants that some municipalities use in water systems. Cloudy or hazy spirits are often the result of using water that has not been properly filtered. Both municipal and well water quality can vary widely.

The effects of different minerals

Certain very low levels of minerals can be acceptable or even desirable during the distilling process. Suspended solids like sand, silt, clay and rust can play a role in the distilling process, as well as excessive minerals and high-salinity minerals. Too much of each of these minerals may result in odors and bad tastes coming through, no matter what kind of spirit you’re producing. Suspended soils, in particular, are a problem because they are liable to damage your equipment as well.

Investing in water filters

For all these reasons, it’s a smart idea to make sure all the water used in your craft distilling process is properly filtered. By investing in charcoal filters, reverse osmosis or a UV sterilizer, you can ensure the water has a consistent quality. You can even tweak the water filtration until you find a mineral level that works for your setup. In fact, a small amount of a certain mineral may provide a unique quality you’ll want to retain.

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How to Choose the Right Distillery Equipment

The craft distillery business is booming across the country right now. If you’re ready to join in on the excitement, it’s a good idea to know how to get things started off on the right foot. One of the most important things to do is make sure you’re getting the right equipment. There are a number of factors that will determine what kind of equipment is right for you.

When you’re considering how to choose the right distillery equipment in Eugene, OR, American Refrigeration Inc. is here to help. We’ve been proudly serving the region for over two decades and offer a range of services. Let’s take a look at how to make the right equipment decisions to get your craft distillery up and running.

Getting the right still

Before the spike in craft distillery activity, you were limited to large, expensive copper vessels that were made in either Germany or the U.S. It was also possible to self-design or DIY a vessel. But in recent years, the increase in activity means there are smaller, less expensive options available for those just starting out.

Either way, investing in a quality still is at the core of craft distilling. A traditional copper still made in Germany can handle everything from vodka to gin, whiskey and rum. However, they come with a high price tag.

Important parts

On top of the right still, distillers need to have a boiler and mash tun that will be used to generate the fermented liquid that will eventually be processed in the still. These can also be expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars plus additional fees for installation. Nevertheless, they’re essential to the process and absolutely necessary to enter the business.

Fermenters, tanks and portable pumps are other important aspects of the distillation process. Again, these will be expensive, but it’s important to obtain quality equipment if you want to do it right.

Other considerations

The craft distillery process all starts with the quality of the water. Public water varies widely in terms of its mineral and chemical composition. This means you’ll want to use methods like a charcoal filter, UV sterilizer or reverse osmosis to create pure water for a consistent product.

While craft distilleries can be a massive investment—some experts estimate that starting one will run you at least a million dollars—smart businesses make decisions with an eye on the future. Distillers with a solid understanding of the mechanics involved and a willingness to try creative solutions will be more likely to succeed.

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The Benefits of a Distillery Chiller

If you own a distillery or brewery, you need a distillery chiller in Eugene, OR. Distillery chillers are crucial in cooling down your boiled wort so that the fermentation process can begin.

Depending on the size and type of your distillery, you can customize your distillery chillers for a number of different goals. However, they all have one thing in common: they use water, and often propylene glycol in a heat exchanger to cool down your liquids. How they accomplish this depends on the type you choose.

Why distillery chillers are so important

As you know, making any sort of alcohol depends on keeping liquids at specific temperatures. Once you’ve boiled your wort, fermentation can’t begin until the liquid is cooled down to the appropriate range. If you left giant vats of boiling liquid to cool down naturally, that could take hours or even days. Distillery chillers make it possible to cool the wort down quickly, allowing you to make multiple batches per day.

In addition to aiding in the boiling process, distillery chillers help maintain a consistent temperature during fermentation. Fermentation generates heat, so having a chiller monitor and maintain the proper temperature throughout is a way to ensure every batch comes out perfectly.

Distillery chillers are also good for the bottling process, which can also generate heat and affect the flavor of your final product.

Types of distillery chillers

Distillery chillers in Eugene, OR come with plenty of options, from the number of heat exchangers you install to how the water and glycol solution is circulated around the machine. Here are some of the basic types you can buy or customize:

As with any piece of machinery, you need to make sure to stay on top of your chiller maintenance—pipes and tubing can become clogged, which will slow down production. If you’re interested in installing and maintaining a distillery chiller for your business in Eugene, OR, call the team at American Refrigeration Inc. today.

Learn About Distillery Chilling Systems

As you can imagine, massive amounts of heat are generated during the distillation process. The remedy for this heat problem is to install distillery chilling systems in Eugene, OR. Keep reading this post to learn more about distillery chillers and to see which type of chiller is right for your distillery.

How it works

Distillery chillers work by pumping hot water through a heat exchanger that’s located inside of a cold-water skid. Once inside the heat exchanger, the water is chilled from glycol from the chiller unit. Hot water continuously circulates through the tank as the day goes on, ensuring that temperatures never get too high. This smooth cycle allows distilleries to operate all day long without ever taking a production break.

Smaller distilleries that don’t need to run 24/7 could utilize direct chilling as opposed to a system with a water tank and cold-water skid. Direct chilling provides the same benefits mentioned above, minus the ability to run without stopping.

What kind of chilling system is right for you?

Distillery chillers aren’t one-size-fits-all units. The size of your chiller needs to be right for the rest of your operation, or you could have a big problem on your hands. Installing a chiller that’s too small means it won’t be able to handle all of the heat. On the flip side, getting one that’s too big is equivalent to throwing money down the drain. Larger chillers are more expensive to install and have higher operating costs. Talk to our professionals at American Refrigeration Inc. about getting the right unit for your operation.

American Refrigeration Inc. is your go-to company!

There are several companies that can supply you with distillery chilling systems in Eugene, OR. However, there’s nobody better than American Refrigeration Inc. Here are a few reasons why local distillers choose us for all of their needs:

Whether your distillery operation is big or small, be sure to hire our team to install distillery chilling systems in Eugene, OR. Give us a call today to get a service estimate.