Does Your Commercial Walk In Cooler in Eugene, OR Have Appropriate Alert Mechanisms?

Does Your Commercial Walk In Cooler in Eugene, OR Have Appropriate Alert Mechanisms?

Have you ever forgotten to lock your front door in the evening and woken up to find that it was unlocked the entire night? The momentary feeling of panic that we feel and the quick promise we make to ourselves to always and forever make sure that we don’t forget again are common, but they don’t erase the fact that something may have happened that was easily preventable.

Now, while protecting your commercial walk in cooler in Eugene, OR might not be equivalent to protecting your home, it should be noted that remembering to take the appropriate measures to make sure both are safe and sound at the end of the day are roughly the same, with one caveat: your cooler can and should tell you when you’ve forgotten to secure it!

Modern commercial coolers and freezers generally have built in mechanisms that allow them to alert you to issues before they become full blown problems, and making sure that these mechanisms are in place and operating properly is the first step to avoiding that feeling of dread you might experience when you realize the next day that your cooler has spend the night unsecured!

Take a look at some of the standard safety and alert features that you’re likely to find on your commercial walk in cooler in Eugene, OR and why they’re important to keep up on during routine maintenance and inspections:

  • Thermostat alert: When you open your cooler or freezer, there’s more than likely going to be a thermostat displayed big and bold somewhere, so that you’re aware of the precise temperature in the unit at any given time. If a malfunction occurs and the temperature drops or rises too much, your thermostat should read the change and send an alert to you. Depending on the unit you might find this alert comes in the form of a flashing light, a beeping noise, a ping or even an email!
  • Door ajar alert: We’ve all done it: forgotten to shut the door all the way and left it cracked with the intention of going back to it later. Well, for a cooler or freezer, this could be a death sentence and one that affects everything within the unit. One such mechanism that can alert you to your door being improperly secured is the door ajar alert. This can read the pressure in the cooler, the latch or even the light to alert you to a door that’s in danger of compromising the interior of the unit.
  • Component failure: In many modern commercial walk in coolers in Eugene, OR, there are actually sensors built into specific components of the system in case they fail. If a diagnostic reading of a specific component fails, an alert is sent out in much the same way a thermostat alert is, giving you ample time to act on the problem before it becomes a mess.

Have your failsafe mechanisms inspected as you have your commercial walk in cooler in Eugene, OR inspected and you’ll find that in the event of a problem, you’re being notified right away!