What’s the Scope of Your Need for Restaurant Refrigeration Repair in Eugene, OR?

What’s the Scope of Your Need for Restaurant Refrigeration Repair in Eugene, OR?

If you’re calling a professional service for restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR, it’s a fair bet to assume that whatever problem you’re experiencing exceeds your ability to fix it—otherwise, why would you need to call a professional? And while you might not have any idea what the problem is or how to fix it, most service professionals are going to expect you to relay necessary information so that they can gauge the scope of the problem… and for the caller, this isn’t always easy to do.

Here at American Refrigeration, Inc., we try to help our customers feel as comfortable and as in-the-loop as possible when it comes to the uncertainties that restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR can bring with it and to that end, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you better understand the problem with your refrigeration unit and how to put what you’re experiencing into words for your refrigeration contractor to deal with. Take a look:

What seems to be the overall problem?

This may seem like a daunting question, but it’s actually quite easy if you just think about it in terms of describing what’s happening via your senses. What do you see, smell, hear or feel that will give you clues about the problem? Often this is as easy as saying, “I hear a very loud squeaking sound” or “there’s a very strange odor that’s stale, coupled with visible chunks of frost.” The more description you can give about the problem, the more a contractor is going to be able to deduce over the phone. And, you’ll be surprised at how fast a contractor can put together an accurate depiction of what’s going on with the information you relay!

How long has the problem been going on?

This is another simple question and one that can often help determine the urgency of a situation. If you’ve noticed a noise that’s become louder in recent weeks versus noticing a buildup of ice that’s been there for a day or two, it’s going to paint a picture for a contractor that can narrow down the types of services you might need.

Is the unit still working or have you shut it off?

Again, this will determine urgency much of the time. If you’ve had to shut off your cooler or freezer, it’s obviously an urgent matter and one that needs emergency services. If you’re still functioning at the steady capacity, it’s likely not an emergency, which could save you a bundle of money.

What type of unit are you dealing with?

A freezer might just be a freezer to you, but to a contractor, every unit, make and model is different. Being able to locate and read the spec panel of the refrigeration unit you’re having troubles with (usually via the instruction of the contractor) can help them deduce a potential problem before they even visit your establishment, saving you time and cost.

You may not know how to answer some of the technical questions a refrigeration contractor may ask, but being able to provide basic information goes a long way to solving your problem quickly and with minimal headaches along the way. If you’re confused and agitated by the prospect of restaurant refrigeration repair in Eugene, OR, just remember to take it slow and cover the basics—often, this is all you’ll need to help ensure a quick, quality fix.