What Is a Winery Chiller, and What Part Does It Play in the Winemaking Process?

What Is a Winery Chiller, and What Part Does It Play in the Winemaking Process?

As providers of equipment for commercial refrigeration in Eugene, OR, we have the privilege to work with a number of local wineries, servicing their unique commercial refrigeration needs. We’ve taken that knowledge and put together a short, simple guide explaining what a winery chiller is, and the role it plays in the process of making the wine you love to enjoy.

What is a winery chiller?

Winery chillers allow you to keep control over the temperature of your wine at every step of the process, most importantly during fermentation, and then during storage. Many winery chillers allow you to control the heat of each wine vessel independently, meaning you don’t need a separate setup to get your whites and reds to their own correct temperatures.

How does a winery chiller work?

It works the way all refrigeration systems do, by pumping cooled refrigerant through a closed loop. When you outfit your wine vessels with heat-exchanging jackets, the system then carries away heat from the wine to whatever specifications you set.

What happens if you don’t use a winery chiller?

All wine is made to very tight specifications, which have often been passed down for generations. Without the ability to precisely manage the temperature of the wine throughout the entire process, you’d simply be putting the wine’s profile at risk. And when you’ve built your reputation on a certain richness that comes from precise and loving attention to the winemaking process, you don’t want to risk that reputation by leaving things up to chance. When you control all other factors to such a degree, that allows the grape itself to be the star of the wine, as the only thing that changes from vintage to vintage is the flavor of the grape.

The regular change of temperature that occurs when wine is stored in unrefrigerated vessels causes the wine to absorb more of the flavor of its vessel, as the heat and cool cause expansion and contraction of the vessel, pushing the wine into its tiny pores, and then wringing it back out. This additional flavor is desirable in some wines, while highly undesirable in others.

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