Understanding Ice Machine Maintenance

Understanding Ice Machine Maintenance

If you operate a business where having a commercial ice machine is necessary, then you know how important this relatively simple piece of machinery is—and what a pain it can be when it stops operating correctly. When this nightmare scenario happens to you, it can be frustrating for you and disappointing to customers—and ultimately affect your bottom line.

Fortunately, American Refrigeration Inc. is here to help with all your ice machine repair and ice machine maintenance in Eugene, OR. Here is an overview of how cleaning and proper maintenance for an ice machine works, and why you should never put it off.

Cleaning your ice machine

Keeping your ice machine nice and clean will help keep it functioning properly, and ensure your customers get a quality product. How often your ice machine needs to be cleaned will depend on its size and capacity, and how many customers you are serving ice in a given day.

Here’s the great thing: you can clean your ice machine yourself, rather than calling a service person every time. The next time you have someone provide routine ice machine maintenance in Eugene, OR, ask them to show you how to properly clean the ice machine.

Proper routine maintenance

In addition to cleaning, your ice machine will also need routine maintenance to ensure it works properly. While cleaning is something you should be able to handle yourself, ice machine maintenance needs to be handled by an experienced professional.

A lot of things can go wrong with your ice machine—it can start producing slush, or stop producing anything at all. If you want to avoid having this happen as much as possible, be sure to invest in regular, routine ice machine maintenance in Eugene, OR from an experienced, fully qualified professional. That way, you will have one less thing to worry about.

Don’t hesitate to get help

If your ice machine seems to be working just fine, it can be easy to put off cleaning it for a few weeks. It might even be tempting to skip one or two routine maintenance appointments.

This impulse is understandable—after all, as a business owner or manager, you have a lot of different things to take care of at all times. But when it comes to ice machine maintenance and ice machine cleaning, procrastinating simply is not a risk worth taking. An out-of-commission ice machine could put your business’ daily profit in serious danger, but routine ice machine maintenance and cleaning is an easy way to help prevent this from happening.

Call American Refrigeration Inc. today

Do you have questions about ice machine maintenance? Do you want to learn how to clean your own ice machine? Do you need to figure out a schedule for ice machine maintenance in Eugene, OR?

If so, you are in luck—American Refrigeration Inc. can help with all of the above and more! Give us a call the next time you need help with your ice machine, or with your refrigerator, cooler or freezer. Our experienced, friendly professionals look forward to helping you!