Tips for Starting Up a New Craft Distillery

Tips for Starting Up a New Craft Distillery

More and more people and ownership groups across the country are following their dreams and starting up their own craft breweries and distilleries. It’s something of an industry revolution that’s seen major headway over the last decade or so. One might expect the bubble for the industry would be ready to burst by now, but in fact there continues to be large-scale demand for new and exciting craft alcohols.

If you’re preparing to start up a new craft distillery, it is important you’ve done plenty of planning so you’re prepared to hit the ground running and carve out your niche in what’s quickly become a highly competitive industry. This means planning for everything from the equipment you’ll use, such as refrigeration tanks, to the experience you want your customers in Eugene, OR to have.

Here are just a few quick tips for you to keep in mind as you prepare to start a new distilling operation.

Make sure your product is ready before you open up

It’s understandable to get excited and antsy about officially opening your business to the public and selling your liquor, but you must make sure you’ve perfected your product before you start selling it. Consider how much competition there is right now in the world of craft distilling. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and if you rush your product to the market, then you run the risk of delivering a product that isn’t quite ready, and the public will react accordingly.

When you consider how long it can take for some types of liquor to properly age, this becomes even more important to emphasize. Let your product age properly before you open it up for drinking.

Try starting off with used equipment

One of the most exciting parts about beginning a new craft distillery is finding all the equipment you’ll be using for your operation. However, some of the equipment you’ll need can be extremely expensive if you purchase it new. Considering how tight finances are likely to be for you when you first get going, it’s important to find alternative sources for this equipment.

You can find used distilling equipment, but keep in mind that not all distilling equipment and refrigeration tanks are the same. You should consider what it was used for (and who was using it) before you purchase it, how long it’s been in use and how much usable life it realistically has left. But in general, used equipment is the best way to get your operation off the ground without setting you back too much financially.

Create your own experience

The best thing you can do to set your new distillery apart from the competition is to just be true to yourself and try to make an experience that reflects what you love about the business and the kinds of products you enjoy. Feel free to experiment, but also keep in mind that some of the old traditional standbys never hurt, either.

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