The Basics of Alcohol Storage and Blending Tanks

The Basics of Alcohol Storage and Blending Tanks

Taking a tour of a distillery can be a fun and educational experience, but it can also get quite confusing. There are so many different components involved in the distilling process that keeping it all straight can be frustrating. Two important apparatuses in the distilling process are the alcohol storage tanks and alcohol blending tanks. This post will give you an in-depth look at both alcohol storage and blending tanks in Eugene, OR.

What are storage tanks?

As the name suggests, storage tanks are single-wall units designed to store distilled spirits before any post-processing efforts like proofing, blending and bottling can take place. Storage tanks can also be used to store feints for any future distillation runs. All storage tanks should come with a volume indicator and scale, sampling port, vent pipe with a pressure release valve, CIP ball and piping and shadowless access ports. Storage tanks are vital for any distillery that’s looking to put out larger quantities of product.

What are blending tanks?

Blending tanks are also single-wall tanks, but instead of just holding the distilled spirits, blending tanks are used to mix the spirit and water for proofing, blending and hydroseparation. Blending tanks come with a motorized agitator, volume indicator and scale, sampling port, temperature gauge and CIP ball and piping. Without a blending tank, all of the alcohol from a distilling run would essentially have to be the same proof and have the same taste.


Storage and blending tanks come in a variety of sizes for different operations. They start out at 500 liters and go all the way up to 10,000 liters or more. Before purchasing a tank, we recommend talking to our professionals at American Refrigeration Inc. We’ll help you get set up with the right-sized gear, so you don’t get caught overpaying for something you don’t need.

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When it comes to alcohol storage and blending tanks in Eugene, OR, we’re ready to be your one-stop shop. Here’s what we can offer you and your distillery:

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  • Repairs: If there is an issue with any of your equipment, just pick up the phone and call our team. We can send someone over to take a look and make any necessary repairs.

The choice is clear if your distillery needs alcohol storage and blending tanks in Eugene, OR: come see our team at American Refrigeration Inc. We have the largest selection of distillery equipment for the most competitive prices in the area.