4 Most Common Commercial Ice Machine Issues

4 Most Common Commercial Ice Machine Issues

Is your commercial ice machine not getting enough water? There can be many reasons why your ice machine isn’t working. You may not even know how important your ice machine is until it stops working. But ice machines keep all businesses that use them running efficiently. Read on to learn some of the most common problems with ice machines.

Common Ice Machine Problems

Is your commercial ice machine making weird sounds? It may indicate an issue.

Here are some of the most common issues with commercial ice machines.

Problems With Water Flow

This is probably the most common issue that most commercial ice machines have. An issue with water flow comes from deposits that accumulate inside of the water lines. The accumulation can also be within other components of the ice machine. As a result, you end up dealing with several failures. If you have started noticing that your cubes are much smaller or uneven, it is likely due to water flow problems. The best solution to this problem is to hire a professional to come out and determine where the blockages are.

Water Leaks

Another common issue with ice machines is that water can leak. Leaky valves are usually the cause of any type of water leak from an ice machine. It may not be noticeable until you see big chunks of ice that have begun to cause blockages in your ice machine.

Not Cold Enough

If you notice that your ice machine is warm, it is probably due to not being properly installed. Ice machines that are in warm environments are not able to vent heat correctly, thus the reason you should always hire a professional to install your machine. The surrounding temperature around the ice machine shouldn’t be too warm or it will create more stress on the machine to work harder. Once your machine is forced to work harder to make ice, it will end up suffering many failures.

The Machine Needs to be Cleaned

Your ice machine may also break down because it just needs to be cleaned. The best way to keep the warranty active on your machine is to schedule semi-annual cleanings. Unclean ice machines can pose health risks and also cause internal damage to the machines. This damage can result in the machine stopping producing ice.

Once your ice machine has completely failed, it can be pretty expensive to have it repaired. Professional technicians are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to making sure that your commercial ice machine is working properly according to the specifications of the manufacturer. A professional will also confirm whether your ice machine produces ice that is safe for your staff and customers to consume.