How To Properly Clean Your Commercial Ice Machine

How To Properly Clean Your Commercial Ice Machine

Access to ice is very important in various industries, particularly restaurants and hospitality. As you will need access to a lot of ice, using a commercial ice machine is often ideal as it can create larger batches of ice more efficiently. If you do have your own ice machine, it is very important that you are able to keep it clean. When you are wondering how to properly clean a commercial ice machine, various tips should be followed. 

Gather the Necessary Supplies

When you are going to clean your ice machine, it is essential to ensure that you have access to all of the supplies that you need. Some items you will need for your ice machine include a new water filter, cleaning gloves and goggles, cleaning agents, towels, and sanitizing solutions. 

Empty Out the Machine

When you are going to clean the ice machine, you must empty out all of the ice. Before you start, you should ensure the ice machine is unplugged from the wall for safety. When you want to get rid of all the ice, this will need to be done by hand using an appropriate ice scooper. Once this is done, you should drain out any remaining water and wipe down the interior by hand to make sure it is completely dry. 

Clean Interior and Parts

Once the ice machine has been drained, you will want to clean the interior. This will include spraying the interior with proper cleaning agents, cleaning off the mechanical parts by hand, and ensuring that all parts of it are properly disinfected. When this is done, you should rinse the entire machine with water and allow it to drain again. Once this is done, the ice machine can be plugged in and reconnected to any water supply. As it can take a while for the ice machine to produce ice again, you should make sure that you clean the machine with plenty of lead time before you need to have ice again. 

If you have any type of ice machine at your restaurant or another place of business, being able to keep it clean is important. Having clean ice can ensure that your customers are drinking safe beverages and that you comply with all requirements of food safety laws. By following these tips, you will be able to properly keep your ice machine clean at all times.

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