Common Freezer Issues

Common Freezer Issues

Commercial freezers are a common part of many industries. Having issues with your freezers can have a noticeable negative impact on your daily business activity and can cost you both time, money, and effort. Commercial freezer repair is an essential part of regular maintenance, and by keeping your freezers in top condition, you keep your business functioning, and you can also increase the lifespan of your freezer equipment. American Refrigeration Inc provides the best in freezer service and here are five of the most common commercial freezer issues they encounter.

Five Common Commercial Freezer Issues

By being aware of the common issues, you may encounter with your freezers, you know when it’s time to call a professional. By keeping a close eye on things, you can catch minor issues and have them dealt with by an expert before they lead to expensive repairs.

  1. Issues With Temperature: One of the most common issues with freezers is problems with the temperature. If you have set the temperature and your freezer is not cooling, you could have repair needs concerning the thermostat, compressor, and possibly the fans.
  2. Blocked Vents: Another common issue is vent blockages. If you have blocks in your freezer vents, it can affect its ability to cool and possibly damage other components. A professional can have your vents properly cleaned, ensuring continued operation.
  3. Ice Build-Up: When frost starts collecting on the interior of your freezer, there could be several root causes. These can include the doors not closing properly often due to bad gaskets, poor air ventilation, and the doors being left open too long.
  4. Lighting Problems: Lighting problems in commercial freezers often occur due to problems such as burnt-out light bulbs and, in extreme cases, problems with the electrical system. When changing bulbs, be sure to disconnect the power and use the type of bulbs recommended by your freezer’s manufacturer. Using improper bulbs can damage your freezer’s electrical system.
  5. Compressor Issues: You need a compressor to keep a refrigerator at the proper cold temperature. Issues with your commercial freezer’s compressor keep it from working correctly. In some cases, the compressor just needs professional cleaning as debris such as dirt, grease, and other types of build-up lead to performance issues. Your freezer should be cleaned every 90 days to ensure the best performance.

Final Thoughts

Commercial freezers are essential to many companies’ daily activities and serve important uses ranging from storage to commercial sales to customers. No matter your uses, you need your commercial freezers to be in top working condition, and regular maintenance ensures that.