How You Can Actually Save Money by Installing a New Walk-In Freezer

How You Can Actually Save Money by Installing a New Walk-In Freezer

While running a business can often feel like it’s full of twists and turns, your commercial appliances are items that always seem to be reliably there. For years, they quietly run in the background while the day-to-day operations of the business go on—that is, until something goes wrong. You might notice it as an increase in the monthly electrical bill or a broken part, but either one can cause you a big headache. You know you should probably replace the old one with a new model, but there just isn’t enough money in the budget. Maybe you don’t see the point, since the old freezer still seems to have some life left in it.

But did you know that you can actually save money by installing a new walk-in freezer? Trading in that old piece of junk can cut down on maintenance costs and save you from unexpected breakdowns that result in expensive emergency repairs.

Not convinced? Here are four ways you can save money by installing new commercial freezers in Eugene, OR:

  • Bulk savings: Buying food in bulk is a great way to reduce your budget, but it doesn’t work if there’s no place to store your purchases. Trading in your smaller unit for a larger walk-in freezer will allow you to take full advantage of the weekly sales. You will experience savings for years to come by purchasing items more cost-effectively with bulk pricing.
  • Lower utility bills: Over time, your freezer’s walk-in panels will begin to wear out and the insulation will degrade. This will cause the unit to operate less efficiently, which will lead to increasingly expensive power bills. The savings on your utility bill will outweigh the initial investment of purchasing a new, more energy efficient walk-in freezer in Eugene, OR.
  • Less repairs: Do you feel like you are constantly having to call your freezer repair specialist? Then you should probably take it as a sign the repairs just aren’t paying off. While it is inevitable appliances will need some repairs during their lifespan, eventually the cost of fixing it just isn’t worth it. Put your money into a new walk-in freezer instead of wasting it on repeat repairs.
  • No unexpected breakdowns: A broken walk-in freezer can cost a restaurant hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Food can go bad as you wait for the repairman. If the repair specialist can’t get there until later this week, you could have to turn away customers or even shut down entirely, because you can’t serve spoiled food. Unfortunately, an older freezer has a higher likelihood of breaking down due to age and general wear and tear. Purchasing a new unit can save you from downtime and product loss due to an unexpected failure.

Now that you know about the potential cost savings, are you ready to start shopping for new commercial freezers in Eugene, OR? If so, contact American Refrigeration Inc. today. We’ll guide you through the purchase and installation process. Our team of professionals is looking forward to helping you keep your new walk-in freezer in top condition for years to come.