The Benefits of Investing in a Blast Chiller or Freezer

The Benefits of Investing in a Blast Chiller or Freezer

Are you looking for ways to enhance your business? Purchasing the right commercial freezers in Eugene, OR could be the perfect solution. Specifically, blast chillers or freezers offer several benefits that can increase your efficiency and boost your bottom line.

If you’re considering investing in a blast chiller or freezer, review the following perks to decide if it is the right investment for you. For additional information, contact your local commercial freezer experts:

  • Rapid cooling: Blast chillers or freezers decrease temperatures rapidly. This minimizes the loss from evaporation. It also decreases the size of ice crystals. When large ice crystals form, they can damage food when it is defrosted. The excess moisture causes poor texture and flavor.
  • Seasonal purchases: Would you like to invest in seasonal items when you can get them at the best price? This is often difficult impossible due to lack of storage options. Blast chillers or freezers can allow a business to purchase items to freeze for long periods of time. They store and thaw well while retaining their freshness.
  • Loss reduction: One of the most concerning expenses for commercial kitchens is inventory loss. Blast chillers and freezers allow owners to increase storage efficiency and reduce this loss. The final result is a better bottom line.
  • Baked goods: Have you ever tried to freeze a pie? When it is thawed, it probably lost its flaky texture and its crust fell flat. Blast chillers or freezers cool baked goods rapidly so they retain their shape.
  • Baked pasta: When pasta is not immediately paired with sauce, it can suffer. Storing it for future use can be tricky. The right commercial freezers in Eugene, OR can make freezing pasta a cinch. Blast chillers or freezers cool pasta quickly to prepare it for future sauces and braises.
  • Smooth ice creams: Few things can compare to a perfectly smooth ice cream or sorbet. In fact, these products often must have the right consistency to properly create dessert recipes. Due to their ice crystal reduction, blast chillers and freezers allow you to make extra smooth and creamy sorbets and ice creams.
  • Chilled drinks: Do you ever store drinks at room temperature? Since the customer is expecting a chilled beverage, it’s good to have an option to quickly cool your inventory. Blast chillers and freezers are perfect for quickly cooling down your back stock and providing the refreshing beverage your customer wants.
  • Fresh seafood: Do you serve mussels, oysters or clams? With blast chillers and freezers, shellfish can be frozen and then thawed to serve. Your customers will never know the difference. Using this “cryo-shucking” method, the seafood tastes as fresh as it did the day it was caught.

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